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About us


We offer a professional alternative to ambient scenting and sensory branding using only quality 100% natural aromatics of botanical origin that can truly benefit us and the environment while delighting and reawakening our senses.


Essences that create more pleasant and healthy experiencies.

The sense of smell affects the way we relate to everyone and everything, even when we do not notice it. It is an essential part of our life experience and generates 85% of our emotions. Yet we inhale all sorts of synthetic fragrances of petrochemical origin from personal and air fragrances, in private and commercial spaces… Many contain toxic or untested aromatics, which become part of our organism, as we are what we smell, very much like we are what we eat.

Natural aromatics have been used for thousands of years – we know how to safely use them, and most of them have positive effects on our emotional and/or physical wellbeing.


This is why at HANAN PACHA we work only with 100% natural aromatics of the best quality, from pure essential oils, absolutes and molecules to the vegetal and alcohol bases for our formulations.


After 12 years sourcing and testing the best natural aromatics from a range of certified producers and distributors including both perfumery labs and smaller artisan distillers, we have a wide palette and can source any natural aromatic material that is produced.

We are proud to have the best varieties of bergamot, geranium, lavender, petitgrain, ylang-ylang, frankincense, vetiver, etc. as well as a wide selection of precious and rare oils such as red frangipani, rose Edward, jasmine Sambac, sandalwood Mysore, orange blossom or the uniquely exotic tiaré flower from Tahiti.


Our team of associates combine expertise in aromatherapy, fragrance formulation, media and branding. We also have a network of partners including perfumers, aromatic producers and the best diffusion technology providers. We also have a network of partners including perfumers, aromatic producers and the best diffusion technology providers.


Paloma Castro Romero qualified aromatherapist by Oxford College ODL since 2008 and trained in perfumery formulation with the Grasse Institute of Perfumery (2008) and with Cinquième Sens in Paris (2015) . Also brings expertise in media and marketing gained through 16 years working in marketing research for Sony, BBC, Discovery, etc.

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Maria Montiel de Arnaiz is an expert in event management with 10 years experience in tourism, cultural and brand events in France, Italy, Argentina and the UK as well as Spain, where she has done great work on the promotion of the brand Spain among others. Her experience combines with her knowledge and passion about aromas and scent marketing.

HANAN PACHA™ is the registered trade mark of HANAN PACHA LTD. company registered in the Registrar of Companies of England & Wales with presence in Spain.

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Hanan Pacha