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Ambient scenting

Find the ideal scenting solution for your personal or work space. Our experts in aromatherapy and fragrance diffusion will help you choose the fragrances that are safe and appropriate for your space and users, as well as the optimum location, timing, intensity and diffusion system....

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Sensory Branding

Take your brand to the next level by marketing to the senses. We help you manage your sensory marketing strategically leveraging the powerful senses of smell and taste in addition to audiovisuals, to integrate them into your brand and user experience and create richer, deeper...

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Sensory experiences

We develop sensory experiences for cultural, commercial and entertainment purposes. Our bespoke immersive events and installations help create new levels of engagement and generate word of mouth and press coverage, as well as attracting new users. In 2016 we developed our innovative Cinema & Smell...

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